Social media is the new advertising standard. It allows you to connect with an audience that you otherwise could not reach as easily (or as cheap!) Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, it’s not as simple as tweeting and watching the customers roll in. It requires constant work and attention but there is big payoff for your internet branding if you can do it. Now that everyone and their grandmother has a voice online, it’s easy for your voice to get lost. So how do you stand out?

These little #keywords will get your posts seen. But it’s important not to just throw a hashtag in front of any word and call it a day. Do your research to find out what keywords relate to your business branding and which ones are popular among your industry. Use these hashtags as keywords to get the attention of your potential clients. Another tip would be to include a shortlink to your business website within your tweet if you’re linking to a page that’s relevant to your post.

Engaging with your audience is as easy as joining the conversation, or starting one! Digital media revolves around keeping the conversation going. If you reply to a tweet, status, or photo, someone will see it. Let’s look at Twitter for example: A lot of the time if your reply has substance it will often be favorited, retweeted or replied to by the receiving party and this will lead to your voice getting heard by all of their followers and more. So choose your conversations wisely.

Offer Something

People love freebies. Offer your potential clients a reason to click your links or sign up for your newsletter. I’m personally subscribed to several graphic design resource newsletters which offer weekly fonts, graphics and images for free use. If it weren’t for these freebies I would not have had the incentive to sign up their newsletters. Giving your target market freebies is a great way to reel them in as future clients. You can achieve this not only through newsletters but through all forms of engaging social media platforms.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg. Every day we are learning new ways to use the Internet to make our voices heard without having to spend money.